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About Us

Golden Touch, legendary, efficient, full of positive energy, is a communication organization committed to the spreading of spiritual wisdom of Chinese culture to the world.

Over the past 10 years, its founder Teacher Xinyue (Mya), who attained epiphany of mission, through careful research and development, has created a set of a comprehensive, in-depth and efficient system of theories and practice concerning spiritual growth. With all religions integrated, this system uses a variety of professional methods to quickly clean up people change their selfhoods to enhance the quality of their soul.

The most magical feature of the system is coming true . From mainland China to North America and Europe and across 33 countries and regions, thousands of people and families come on a daily basis to attend various courses or lectures or saloons on spiritual growth, experience in-depth shocks of the soul, step out of confusions and doubts, set off on a wonderful life-changing journey, and have their dreams fulfilled about wealth, health, relationship and power of influence.

Golden Touch, is not just a series of exquisite courses, seminars, workshops and saloons that penetrate into the hearts of people, but also a life and spiritual growth system that carries information of the universe and spreads its truth.

For better spreading the spiritual wisdom of Chinese culture to the rest of the world, we now have established GT clubs in North America, Europe and Asia, including Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, Jamaica, Bahamas, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other areas, each is for the local as well as the world to establish a spiritual home and lighthouse of wisdom, offering free seminars, lectures and salons for the public at least five days a week. They also function to provide a variety of fee-based courses and coaching services for individuals at different levels, including: three major groups of GT package courses, Bali Island special group courses, advanced tailored programs for international supervisors, private coaching services and so on.

Welcome are all friends interested in spiritual growth to contact our local GT club for more details.

Along the path of spiritual cultivation, Golden Touch will be always with you all the way, hand in hand.